Personal branding photographer

Hi, I'm Jenn!

I'm a personal branding photographer for creative business owners, solopreneurs, and anyone who wants more than a white background in their photos. My other photography services include business branding, events (small and intimate), and modern headshots.

I love capturing people and their passions in their place of work.

I'm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and my passport is current (I love to travel!).

My photography style uses natural light to blend documentary and lifestyle. I love bright and colorful images, as well as dark and moody ones. If you value the candid, in-between moments and dislike the overly styled look, let's chat about how we can work together! I'll be your [calm] cheerleader and ensure that your personality shines through the photos.

When you book me, I'm with you every step of the way. I book, shoot, and edit all my photos: I have no assistants and I don't outsource work. 

Photos of me by Jessica Caisse

Working with people who love what they do is my inspiration.

When someone is passionate about their work and interests, it's infectious. It makes you want to chase your own dreams and lift others along with you.

I've spent the last decade working as a marketing consultant, photographer, and writer. In 2023, I realized that my career interests had changed and that I needed more hands-on creative work, so I let go of marketing. After further introspection, I discovered that I am fired up about helping others build their small businesses in an authentic way. 

And I’m most excited when I work with historically marginalized people, including women, non-binary folks, and people of color. I’ve found that these groups are more likely to have been told that they’re not enough, to shrink themselves to fit some outdated expectation, to be quiet.

I aim to create a space of trust for my clients to feel safe, seen, and heard.



“I'm an audio person, much more comfortable in front of a microphone than a camera. Jenn's calm, non-invasive and professional style made me feel comfortable and at ease. I love the results!”

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