Every photographer has their way of working and editing photos. Because having your photo taken is so personal, it’s especially important that you get along with your photographer. You don’t need to be besties, but you should at least feel comfortable with them.

Creating this bubble of trust is imperative for both of us: I want to capture the true you, and to do that, you need to trust me to guide you in that direction.

We’re going to work great together if you resonate with any of the below:

  • Maximalism over minimalism in environment, design, and colors
  • Saturated, bright colors or patterns. I love a good color-block outfit.
  • Candid over posed
  • Light and shadow play
  • Dark and moody, often incorporated with the above
  • High contrast instead of muted tones

My Photography Approach

My photography approach is a combination of documentary and lifestyle. I try not to overly style a location or person. In other words, the photos tend to reflect real life vs. being stiffly posed.

I’m also a natural light photographer. If a space is brightly lit with artificial lights, that is also suitable. I won’t bring studio lighting, reflectors, or other equipment. Documentary-style photography is all about working with what you’re given.

This unobtrusive approach means you won’t have big equipment surrounding you. And, the biggest advantage is that I can move around freely without adjusting lights, and we can play a lot more with different poses and backgrounds. 

My Photo Editing Style

I edit all of the photos I take, and this editing time is included in all of my photography services. I start with the basic adjustments and then move through selected photos one by one. I do not batch edit and call it a day.

My editing is done with a light to medium touch, which means I adjust settings like brightness, contrast, and tone. Skin tones are as true to life as possible: no washing out or dullness. I'll also apply custom presets and adjustments to ensure that every photo shines.

I don’t remove objects or people, or airbrush your skin. I do not do retouching or advanced editing, such as object removal/addition, facial expression changes, or wrinkle smoothing. If this is something you want, I’m happy to refer you to someone who can do touch-ups!

"Her editing skills beautifully enhanced the final results, and her ability to make clients feel comfortable throughout the session was truly remarkable."

— Niba

In Branding Sessions

To ensure you’re happy with the final photos, I include a sample edits step. This is when I choose some photos from the set and perform a full edit on them. You get the chance to review these edits and provide feedback. Once you sign off on them, I’ll edit the final photos with a similar style and then deliver them to you in a beautiful online gallery.

Editing Example

Here is an example of one photo in various editing stages. The ring light was a prop and it was not used for lighting.


RAW: Unedited images (What I see)


Proof: White balance & tone adjusted (What you see in your proofs gallery)

Delivery: Edited to the client’s desired style