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Over the past decade, I worked as a marketer, photographer, and writer in the specialty coffee industry. I’ve captured business branding photos, small events, and portraits. Now, I’m solidifying these as service offerings and expanding my coverage to creative business owners and solopreneurs who want more fun infused into their photos.

My photography style

To sum up my style in three bullet points:

  • Candid: I love documentary-style photography and capturing actions as they’re performed. While I may move people or objects around a little, I try to reflect real life.
  • Natural light: I prefer to shoot in natural light, though I can also handle it if the area is properly lit with artificial lights.
  • Colorful: I love bright, saturated colors and patterns. In case you can't tell from this site.

Personal Branding for Creative Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Coaches, Artists, Therapists, Small Business Owners

For the freelancer, creative business side hustler, soloprenuer–are you in need of photos that showcase you and your passions? Do you hate sitting for a portrait and having a bland background? This session will provide you with a mix of environmental portraits and customized stock photos for your website, social media, and press kit. I’ll come to your workplace, studio, or home office and shoot the kind of photos that help you attract clients.


Multiple outfits

Branding worksheet

Lifetime usage

Starting from


Portraits (Creative, Modern, Environmental) or Headshot Refreshes

For those who need “just” a photo of themselves and don’t need an entire suite of personal branding photos. These sessions are either on-location or outdoors, shorter in length, and focused on you. Utilize these as your social media bio photo, speaker photo, or website.


30 min

2 outfits

5 photos

Lifetime usage

Starting from


Business Branding Photography for Creative Businesses

When I work with a brand, I tend to shoot on-location. As a reformed digital marketer, I understand the importance of putting your best foot (image) forward to draw in your fans. BUT, you also don’t want to mislead by having photos that convey an experience that is entirely different from what you would expect in person.

Together, we’ll draw up a shot list that gets you everything you need while accurately representing your visual brand. In the case of product photos, they may be styled, but I also enjoy using you or your employees as “hand models.”


At least 4 hours

Branding worksheet

75+ photos

Lifetime usage

Starting from


Event Photography for Small-Scale Events

I love to shoot events that are small or have smaller photography requirements (single shooter). Examples include: a brand activation event for influencers, networking event, and a birthday party. I work best in natural light or a brightly lit space. I do not handle events that have stage lighting or require extreme zoom lenses. My attendee limit is usually around 50, but if the event has a more flexible shot list, I can handle up to 100.


2 hours of coverage

Starting from




“I'm an audio person, much more comfortable in front of a microphone than a camera. Jenn's calm, non-invasive and professional style made me feel comfortable and at ease. I love the results!”

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