Portraits & Modern Headshots


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A mix of fun, lifestyle portraits and modern headshots. Headshots don't need to be your head and shoulders floating against a boring white background. YOU are the face of your brand and shouldn't your bio photo convey who you are? Ditch the "traditional" and go for a look that is unique to you.

The word "portrait" tends to connote a stale image devoid of personality. You might smile because you feel like you should. But I'm here to tell you: why not do BOTH? Have that smiling picture, along with a more serious one that shows you mean business. As women, we often get told to smile more, which conjures up a fake, toothy grin.

I believe that you should be captured at your most natural—both when you're laughing and when you're not.

Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits are those that feature you and your work in your space. They give the viewer—your customers and clients—insight into what you do and how you do it. Environmental portraits work really well for makers, crafters, and creative business people. Photos of a ceramicist in their studio shaping clay, a photographer at a shoot, and a coffee roaster operating the roaster all give you an idea of what each person does. And that is what a great environmental portrait accomplishes.

Modern Headshots

Headshots are a more traditional form of portraiture, where the crop is at your shoulders and above. You tend to face the camera and the background is "clean." These are most often used in professional settings, such as in your LinkedIn profile, as part of speaker bios at events, and on company pages. A modern headshot is more like a lifestyle portrait. You have a lot more color, fun, personality, and outfits coming through the photo. These can also be used the same way the traditional headshot is used.

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